From Hello to Goodbye: Interview Etiquette Tips That Will Impress Any Hiring Manager

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Answering questions about your employment history, career goals, and skills is not the only way to impress hiring managers. The way you present yourself is also highly important. 

A job interview is your opportunity to make a positive impression on hiring managers. From the moment you arrive to the time you leave, several methods are available for you to improve your chance of getting a job based on the way you act. Keep the following interview etiquette tips in mind for your next job interview.

Arrive Early

Being late creates an immediate negative impression that makes you seem unreliable. Plan on arriving for your interview at least ten minutes early, which will show that you are dependable and responsible. Getting there early rather than rushing in if you are late also gives you an opportunity to make sure that you are calm and prepared for your interview.

Treat Administrative Staff with Respect

The hiring manager interviewing you is not the only person on whom you will be making an impression. Before meeting with the hiring manager, you will be interacting with the staff at the reception desk. Being respectful and polite to these staff members shows that you have good people skills and are likely to treat everyone at the company with courtesy.

Watch Your Body Language

The way you move and stand communicates a lot about certain qualities, such as your level of self-confidence. From greeting the hiring manager to saying goodbye, pay close attention to your body language. Avoid crossing your arms or slouching while sitting or standing, since this can make you appear defensive or insecure. Instead, stand or sit up straight during the interview, which makes you seem confident. Keep in mind that you should also smile and shake hands firmly in order to give an impression of being friendly and secure. Leaning forward slightly while the hiring manager is talking also shows that you are interested and attentive.

Make Eye Contact

In addition to watching your body language, making eye contact is another way to convey confidence during interviews. Avoiding eye contact gives hiring managers the impression that you are nervous or unsure of yourself. Being able to look them in the eye while answering questions lets them know that you are being honest about your abilities and that you are self-assured. Making eye contact while they are talking about the company or position lets them know that you are paying close attention to what they are saying.

Ask Questions

Being interviewed for a job does not just involve answering questions. You should also prepare a list of questions to ask hiring managers. Asking questions shows hiring managers that you have done your research and are interested in learning more details about the company and the position for which you are interviewing. This preparedness creates the impression that you are highly interested in the position and in being part of the company. When you fail to ask questions, you risk giving an impression that you are not very interested in the company or the position.

Send a Thank You Note

Your chance to make a favorable impression does not end with the interview. You can impress hiring managers by sending a thank you note to them afterward. Write a thank you note on paper and send it in the mail instead of sending a quick email or leaving a voicemail. Taking the time to write a note shows the hiring manager that you are thoughtful, considerate, and professional.

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