4 Things You Should and Shouldn’t Ask During an Interview

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First impressions are everything when you are applying for a job in Central Arkansas. Take the opportunity to show you are the best candidate by asking the right questions during your interview.

Mentally preparing for a job interview will keep you calm and collected so that you can focus on the task at hand: getting the position you have always wanted. Knowing what to ask during your interview is a crucial step of preparation because your potential employer will want to see you are genuinely interested in the role and the culture of the company. When you work with a recruitment agency in Little Rock, the staffing specialist can provide guidance on specific questions you should ask for each interview. The following are four questions you should typically ask in an interview along with four questions you should always avoid.

What to Ask

Ask these four questions during your interview to display your professionalism and willingness to join the company. Consider practicing the questions with the staff of a Little Rock recruitment agency so your phrasing is natural and in your own words.

  1. “What is a typical day like for someone in this position” This question helps you learn more about the responsibilities and type of environment that come with the position. A job description will likely offer some information on the tasks you would be performing, but asking about a typical day gives the interviewer the opportunity to shed more light on what you would actually be doing.
  2. “What do you enjoy most about working for this company?” Ask this question during your interview so the interviewer can share the most positive aspects of the company. You can, in turn, weigh whether you would appreciate them as well. This question also helps you to connect and establish a good rapport with the interviewer by mentioning any shared values or activities.
  3. “What are the biggest challenges that someone in this position would face?” An interviewer will appreciate you asking this question because it shows that you are realistic enough to assume you may face obstacles on the job. Listen carefully to the challenges and consider explaining how your experience and skills give you a unique ability to solve these problems.
  4. “What are the most important skills of the person who does this job?” This question gives you the opportunity to reinforce the idea that you are the most qualified candidate for the position. Your resume lists your skills, but it is your responsibility to explain to the interviewer how they connect to the job at hand. If the interviewer names a skill that you do not currently possess but you are still interested in the job, convey your willingness to learn and apply the skill.

What Not to Ask

Avoid asking the following four questions in your interview because they could potentially derail an otherwise positive first impression. The staffing specialist of a recruitment agency in Little Rock may be able to provide additional topics to avoid that are specific to your interview.

  1. “What salary or benefits will I get?” The first job interview is the wrong time to ask about these details. You should wait until you receive a job offer from the company to bring up compensation. Instead, ask for more details about the job responsibilities you will be expected to fulfill.
  2. “How soon does the company offer promotions or raises?” Asking about promotions or raises during an interview means you run the risk of seeming greedy or self-involved. Avoid this mistake by asking about how you will be collaborating with co-workers in a given day, and save the career planning for your own time.
  3. “What hours will I be working for a regular full-time position?” You do not want potential employers to think you will be watching the clock instead of working. Consider asking what the average workday is like for employees in the department. Your interviewer will probably offer information on the kinds of hours employees work while answering this less offensive question.
  4. “Is there a lot of turnover in the company?” This question could potentially offend your interviewer, although the answer is valuable information for you to have. Rephrase this question by asking how long your interviewer and other employees in the department have worked at the company.

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