How Does a Permanent Staffing Agency Work, Exactly?

When you know how a staffing agency works, you can be more proactive in your job search journey.

If you are considering using a staffing agency in Little Rock to find a position that matches your skill set and abilities, it will help you to know more about how a staffing agency works. Even though employment agencies have existed since the late 19th century – allowing people from all types of backgrounds to find work – you may not know how a staffing agency can work with you to find an ideal position. There’s a big difference between temp agencies and permanent staffing agencies, especially if you are looking for a job in today’s incredibly competitive job market. You need someone in your corner – your own personal cheerleader that can get your resume in front of the right people. You don’t have to be alone in this job search journey. A recruiter at a permanent staffing agency has the relationships and expertise to give you an immediate advantage over your competition.

A Permanent Staffing Agency Specializes in Specific Fields

A permanent staffing agency like Apex Staffing in Central Arkansas makes connections between its employer clients and job candidates to fill temp-to-hire or direct hire positions. Temp-to-hire positions give an employer a period of time to work with you before they hire you permanently, while direct hire positions place you directly into a job role. If your background and skill set is in a medical, financial, or other specialized job field, you should find an agency that has established relationships with businesses within your industry that can offer you permanent job placement.

You Don’t Pay to Work with a Recruiter

Most recruiters, like those at Apex Staffing in Little Rock, do not charge you anything to help in your job search. They handle the salary and benefit package negotiations so you get the best possible offer. Businesses rely on the expertise of recruiters to understand their specific needs and find the most qualified candidates. Recruiters usually have the inside track on new positions before they are open to the public, so you get access to the “hidden job market.” If you qualify for one of these positions, a staffing specialist will interview you, and provide a recommendation and a resume to the hiring manager at that business. You will not be just another resume piled on a desk as the recruiter will know your strengths and will convey how you can be a valuable asset to the company.

Getting Started with a Staffing Agency

Many agencies offer a general online registration option or allow you to apply for specific job openings + they have posted. If they feel that you fit the needs of one of their clients, they will schedule an interview with you to get to know you better. At this point in the process, you will talk to a staffing professional who has reviewed your resume and application, knows the hiring market in your area, and the expectations of businesses that utilize the staffing agency’s services.

If you live out-of-town and are planning to relocate to the region, you can still work with a staffing agency in Little Rock via email correspondence, telephone interviews, and Skype video conferences before your arrival. Your work with the agency does not end when you have submitted your resume, taken a skills tests, or discussed any open positions: They may have resources available for professional development classes, course certifications, or training opportunities that could help improve your chances of landing a temp-to-hire or direct hire position.

What Happens When You Are Hired for a Position

Once you have passed through the initial interviews and screenings with the staffing agency and interviewed for job opening with a company, you may be offered either a temp-to-hire or direct hire position. A temp-to-hire position is a great way to get your foot in the door, demonstrate how you can be a valuable employee, and potentially earn a permanent placement with the company. If you are a direct hire, then you will be joining the company in a permanent, full-time position that typically includes benefits.

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