Employers: This Is Why You Should Use a Staffing Agency

Arkansas Hiring and Employment trends in 2021

Human resource departments and managers in most industries are busier than ever, doing more with less time. Make the most of your time by partnering with an experienced staffing agency for meeting your talent requirements.

You are a project manager whose small but growing firm just landed a large client project—but two of your key employees have just left the company. You are a medical office manager in urgent need of an experienced back-office insurance biller to handle work overflow.

The last thing you have is the time and resources to advertise open positions, sift through applications and resumes, interview and hopefully make a hiring decision that works for everyone. If you are an area employer looking for top talent, Apex Staffing has some good news for you!
As an experienced local staffing specialist in Central Arkansas, Apex has the time, personnel and connections to assist area employers by staying in the forefront of trends and niche industries, finding the best candidate for the job. Unlike some agencies, Apex does not simply throw candidates into the hiring pool and hope that at least one or two work out. Instead, Apex works with you to oversee the whole selection process from beginning to end.

Staffing Agency vs. Temp Agency – What’s the Difference?

There are three main types of job placements that staffing agencies usually handle when helping to fill positions:

  • Temporary: with temporary work status, the worker’s services are needed for a specific limited time frame, rather than indefinitely. The worker is an employee of the agency, not the company needing services. Pre-screening applicants, figuring taxes, payroll, insurance and other benefits as well as complying with employee laws are the concerns of the agency, not the client company.
  • Temp-to-hire: a worker’s assignment is initially designated as temporary until the prospective employer has a chance to determine whether the candidate is a good fit for direct or long-term hire.
  • Permanent or direct hire: a direct-hire, permanent position where the agency’s role is that of recruiter.

Many staffing agencies also specialize in finding passive candidates, which are workers not actively looking for a job, but who may be persuaded to change companies. Regardless of which type of work situation you have, Apex can help.

Top Reasons for Using a Staffing Agency

The best staffing firms have developed close relationships and credibility with hiring managers who have come to trust them to find and place the top talent needed. The recruiting emphasis is not on the quantity but the quality of prospective candidates, Staffing agencies have the time and resources dedicated to locate talent – they understand the job needs as well as those of the manager hiring them.

If you’re looking for a new job, check out our Job Openings page + to see what’s available. Apex Staffing specializes in connecting talented job seekers with high-quality, local employers. Our service is completely free for job seekers and we are always accepting applications.