Why You Should Use a Staffing Agency to Help Out Your HR Department

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Your HR department has enough to do: using a staffing agency helps save time and money while finding the best talent for your organization.

HR professionals, administrators, and managers often find themselves juggling many tasks that range from recruiting, screening and hiring job candidates, benefits and schedule management, administering personnel policies, and employee relations. Your department’s most important tasks might be pushed to the side when you begin focusing on identifying and hiring top talent for the company; this is why you should use a staffing agency to support the efforts of your own HR personnel.

A Staffing Agency Saves You Time, Money, and Effort.

Thanks to the digital age and its resulting information explosion, you are faced with an increasingly heavy workload competing for attention: creating and writing job posts, advertising, searching for “passive” candidates via data bases, as well as processing resumes and other recruiting data. The challenge of simply recruiting good candidates could take up your whole workday. You also need to be on top of the latest state and federal changes in employee benefits administration, and you must maintain and update employee records on hiring, transfers, promotions, and dismissals.

While most large organizations often have HR departments staffed with several subspecialists, including recruiters who work under a director, a small but growing company or medical practice may have an HR department consisting of just one or two people. Imagine having to juggle all of those essential tasks while remaining on the lookout for top talent. That is where a staffing agency steps in and helps companies successfully find and hire quality talent.

Your Company’s Employment Needs Are Met in 3 Ways:

According to Lou Adler of LinkedIn’s Talent Blog, staffing agencies can often be a better choice for overworked HR directors and managers than trying to hire new talent on their own.

  1. Better access to ‘passive’ as well as active candidate data. Staffing agencies have access to cloud-based data, coupled with state-of-the-art software for improved analytics to mine data to identify both active job seekers as well as qualified “passive” candidates (those who may not be actively looking at the present, but could be interested in a job in the future).
  2. Time, effort, and money saved. Because they are not spread thin with other administrative tasks, a staffing agency is able to allocate the time to search through data for the top candidates to offer for consideration to an organization. It makes sense to spend the fee for a staffing agency when you know that your employees are spending their time on more valuable tasks and that it will pay off by hiring talent that your HR department might not have found on their own.
  3. Targeted industry specialists. Experienced staffing agencies have the time and resources to stay ahead of the latest trends in candidate data management, especially in niche industries, and are able to present truly qualified candidates. This way, your in-house HR does not spend their time trying to sort through piles of resumes or scan often-outdated data bases. Filling positions in specialized target industries in medical, administrative, and other professional positions requires experienced insiders.

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