4 Tips for Surviving a Behavioral Interview

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Preparing for an upcoming interview can be overwhelming. Especially since every recruiter and HR Professional has a different interviewing style. Behavioral interviews dive deeper than the “strengths and weaknesses” questions of a traditional interview. We have put together 4 tips that will help you prepare for the behavioral-based questions that may come up in interview.


First and foremost, as with any interview, find out everything you can about the company. Google is your friend. Research the company website, read about their core values and connect with the company on social media. Reviewing blog content and social media posts will give you further insight into the company culture. Don’t forget to study the job description and position requirements. This information will help you relate the position directly to your past experiences, as well as, your behavioral characteristics.


Once you have researched the company, the next step is to prepare for the behavioral-based interview. Review the most common behavioral interview questions to prepare and practice ahead of time. Your response to these types of questions will reveal your personality, job skills and potential to succeed in the role. Create a list of your attributes and skills to showcase your talents. Connect your past workplace successes to the job requirements and begin detailing examples to create a story, which we will explain in the next paragraph.

Tell a Story

Many professionals prefer to use the STAR method during interviews. Sticking to the 4 points outlined in the STAR Technique will help keep you from rambling. It is important to note that often, there is no right or wrong answer. Be sure to provide details about the situation, the actions you took and the result or outcome. Focus on examples that will highlight your problem-solving abilities and how you have handled challenges in the workplace. Stay positive and be prepared to discuss your areas for improvement as well.

Take Notes

After the interview, take some time and write down everything you remember, including what worked and what didn’t. Jot down the questions asked as well as your replies. In the event you get a second interview, these notes will come in handy and you can touch on anything you may have missed. Evaluating yourself will only help you perfect your interviewing skills in the future.

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