The 3 Attitudes Holding You Back at Work – And How to Fix Them

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You show up early, and you work late. Projects are completed with time to spare, and you never skip a meeting. You have not received a promotion or raise in ages. What are you missing?

You feel you have taken on as many extra tasks as possible, become the exact image of professionalism, and work hard every day. If you feel like you have run out of options, our staffing specialists in Little Rock are here to help. When it comes to advancing in the workplace, attitude (rather than performance) might be holding you back. When you take inventory of your head and heart, look for evidence of the following three attitudes:

1. Negativity

Negativity harms your career with lack of motivation, unpleasantness, unhappiness, isolation, apathy, and the list goes on. In addition to causing misery, negativity drives away coworkers, leading to isolation. A bad attitude not only holds you back at work, but it could also result in job loss. Some of the common reasons employees are fired result directly from negativity.

How to fix it: Examine negative feelings to pinpoint their cause. Is it frustration due to a lack of resources? Is it fear due to outside factors? Negativity stems from a specific source. Find it to take control and make the changes, which will allow you to improve your outlook.

2. Lack of Confidence

If you think you cannot, so will everyone else. A lack of confidence is a huge roadblock on the way to success. Thinking your contributions do not matter or that everyone else is more important will keep you from sharing your ideas and being truly effective.

How to fix it: Practice believing in yourself. Discover confidence by changing the way you perceive yourself. Dress for the job you want, focus on accomplishments, and stop comparing yourself to others.

3. Inflexibility

When a policy or software at work changes, it can be easy to resist by saying, “But I have always done it this way.” Although time-tested processes have worked in the past, refreshing or simplifying can be good for you and the company. Being closed to trying new ideas or the latest technology will not only hold you back, in a few years, it could make your skill set irrelevant.

How to fix it: Stay open-minded to ideas, processes, or maybe even a new job. Being open will ensure you are in the best career for you and doing the most for your employer.

If you feel like you are in a rut at work and have not advanced as quickly as you would have hoped, set aside a moment for self-examination. If not, do some work on yourself, and be amazed at the results. 

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